about me

My name is Humeres Galvez, Fernando Rodrigo or simply Rodrigo.

My passion and goal is to teach better, more efficient and faster tennis.


My teaching experience is as follows:

  • Trainer for Junioren-CKlub, composition. League and national-League
  • Tennis club Bad Ragaz, Zizers, Domat/Ems, Felsberg and Chur
  • Profi-Tennis player National-League B
  • TC Seeblick, Zurich
  • Trainer/Tennis teacher of junior, France
  • Tennis teacher men and women(1. league and national League), France
  • Overtaken raining of men in France and rise up in national league

My match practice:

  • Participation in prize Tournament TC Coubertin (Paris)
  • Qualification for Roland Garros
  • Players, coaches and tennis instructors for TC Dreux (FR)
  • Received the Diploma d’Honneu awardr
  • Satellite Tournaments in Spain, Italy, Croatia, France

My best experiences:

  • Technical and physical construction with Armando Cornejo
  • Jaime Pinot (Ex. Davis Cup, Chile) Carlos Rivera and Luis Guzman
  • Fitness coach of Hans Gildemeister, nr. 12 world ranking

My career:

  • Scholarship for education “Physical Education” in the USA
  • Diploma in “Physical Education”
  • Number 5 in Chilean youth selection
  • Number 12 in A Series (Escalafon)
  • Central Florida Community College (1st place in Florida)
  • Title win with the team and achieve Vice all State qualification for National Tournament in Waco (Texas)
  • Ascent Kat. Escalafon (the highest category among men in tennis in Chile)
  • Title in singles/doubles Cat. Honor Open Tournament Club International
  • Titel in singles/doubles Cat. 1a Open Tournament Club de Golf
  • Rise up in the second best category Honor


  • C-Trainer Swiss Tennis
  • Head J+S Tennis
  • Training as a junior coach
  • TC Sarreguemines, Frankreich

I speak:

    • Spanish as mother tongue </ li>
  • German oral: good conversation, written: simple language </ li>
  • English oral: fluent, written: good </ li>
  • French oral: good, written: basic </ li>
  • Italian oral: good, written: good. </ li>